Sunday, May 9, 2010

Android meets Indian Railways !!!

Android now has an application for knowing the status of Indian Railways reservation system's PNR. Indian Railways PNR status checking application is now available in Android Market for free. You can know your reservation status from your Android based smart phone. You can know the status while you are away from your computer. The application stores your recent PNR entries because PNR status needs to be checked many times till chart has been prepared for the train.
The application is very handy if you travel a lot to long distance and choose train journey.

Point your barcode reader app at the below QR code to install the application on your phone.

This applications is very simple. Give your PNR, it tells your reservation status and the only pre-requisite is internet connectivity should be available.

No charges are applicable for using this application. You should have some data plan already for the application to work.

Here are the snapshots from the application.
Here is the picasa slideshow of the application snapshots.